What is the African Education Foundation?

The African Education Foundation funds the education of African children in the field of science.

Founded in 2016, the Foundation is in its infancy. Its mission is to provide the opportunity for education in science throughout South Africa initially, with potential for rollout to neighbouring countries in the future.

We achieve this through the funding of equipment, apparatus and literature needed for the teaching of science.

The Africa Foundation is a fully legal charity, registered in the United Kingdom, and its main purpose is to act as a reliable conduit for the donating of funds from the United Kingdom directly to their desired source in South Africa.

Initially, the Foundation is focussed on using donations to assist with the funding of science education at the Nhlambanyathi High School in Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Donations through the Foundation can be either monetary, or actual purchases of products such as books, science kits and equipment for the school. We are also looking to fund bigger one-off projects, such as the funding of a science laboratory.

The Foundation ensures all donations go towards all projects that are inline with the aims of the Foundation to further science education in those countries that need the support.

The Trustees

Stephen Ramsden


"After spending many amazing vacations in Africa, I felt the need to give something back to the people who had made my adventures so great, or at least help the next generation through the education of their children."

"Throughout my travels, one thing I noticed was the lack of physical resources. This was something that I could help with and via setting up the African Education Foundation, I hope others will join my journey in helping supply books, calculators, and other basic equipment, through to grander projects of building classrooms/labs to help make the educational process more enjoyable and fun."

"The long term aim will be to get a sustainable funding programme in place for the Nhlambanyathi High School, allowing for us to build a fully functioning science lab, start seeing improved grades from the pupils and hopefully seeing all of them reach their aspirations."

Nayanee Perera


"Promoting the sciences in education is a cause that I am passionate about. For years I have pursued this on a small scale, through my own volunteering activities in the UK, which includes assisting with science-related activities for children at the Science Museum."

"When the opportunity came along to promote sciences among school children in Africa through the African Education Foundation, I jumped at the chance to get involved! We will be able to bring sciences to school children in developing countries who may otherwise miss out on a core part of education."

"Our focus at the African Education Foundation to provide physical resources to science teachers in South Africa will enable them to bring science to life. By opening children's eyes and minds to the possibilities out there, we are helping to ensure that the next generation of scientists is nurtured from the onset, making science education accessible to even the poorest of communities."

Paul Mason


"When Stephen approached me about being a trustee for the African Education Foundation I was very interested and immediately wanted to get involved. Having helped larger charities in the past, I really wanted the opportunity to be part of a charity where I could not only help raise valuable funds, but also be instrumental in where the funds go and how we help people."

"I have been a personal and professional friend of Stephen for many years and am honoured to be part of his plans to help people in the future. The plans we have are exciting and the opportunity to build this charity and see it make a difference to people in South Africa and beyond is a privilege."

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